1. ※1児童ポルノ流通防止対策専門委員会が承認した基準に基づき、一般社団法人インターネットコンテンツセーフティ協会が判定しました。
  2. ※2お客様ご契約の接続サービスにおいては、一般社団法人インターネットコンテンツセーフティ協会の作成した児童ポルノアドレスリストが利用されています。
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The site you have requested has been determined to contain child pornography and therefore is a gross violation of children's rights. (*1) As this site is listed in the child pornography address list(*2) it is being blocked.

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  1. *1The Internet Content Safety Association has determined this based on criteria approved by The Advisory Panel Taking Measures Against The Circulation of Child Pornography.
  2. *2The Internet connection service you are contracted with is using a child pornography address list created by the Internet Content Safety Association.