The IPoE-Supported
Fixed IP Address Option

Introducing the IPoE-supported Fixed IP Address Option for fiber-optic connection services
which will be provided starting February 1, 2024

This page introduces you the renewed fixed ID address service.

Asahi Net's Fixed IP Address Option will be renewed on February 1, 2024.
See the following page for the announcement of the renewal.

Service Overview

Fixed IP Address Option is an optional service which you can add to Asahi Net's connection service in order for you to use a fixed IP address.
This service provides you a fixed IPv4 address.

List of connection courses which support Fixed IP Address Option

Fiber-optic services which support the Fixed IP Address Option are as follows.

  • Asahi Net docomo Hikari
    1 Gbps Family Course
    1 Gbps Mansion Course
  • Asahi Net FTTH with FLET'S
    Home Course
    Mansion Course
  • FLET'S Hikari Next
    Family Course
    Mansion Course
  • FLET'S Hikari Light Course
  • *Fixed IP Address Option is not available for FLET'S Hikari Cross and other equivalent connection services.


Initial charge


Monthly charge


  • *Monthly charge will be billed starting the following month of the service opening month (monthly charge for the service opening month is free).

Service Details

You can choose how to connect with for your fiber-optic service: IPv4 connection (PPPoE) or IPv4 over IPv6 (IPIP).

See the following Fixed IP Address Option page for service details.

Contract change during the use of fixed IP address

If you are subscribed to the Fixed IP Address Option with IPv4 Connection (PPPoE), you can change to IPv4 over IPv6 Connection (IPIP).
You can also change from IPv4 over IPv6 Connection (IPIP) to IPv4 Connection (PPPoE).

  • If you wish to change the connection method, please make a request for a function change on My Page.
  • The flow of function change is as written in the Steps to Start Using. You will receive an email when your request is complete. Please change your router settings when you receive this email.
  • If you make a function change, you cannot keep your current fixed IPv4 address. A new IP address will be assigned.
  • You can continue to connect with IPv4 (PPPoE) until the provision of IPv4 over IPv6 Connection (IPIP). Please change your connection settings immediately once the IPv4 over IPv6 Connection (IPIP) is provided. The same thing applies to when changing to IPv4 Connection (PPPoE).
  • You can withdraw your request for function change until the following month of the application month.
  • If you are changing to IPv4 over IPv6 Connection (IPIP) and Asahi Net is unable to confirm whether you have started the use of IPv6 Connection Feature or not by the following month of the application month, your request for function change will be canceled.
  • Request for function change does not incur any charge.

*All charges shown on this page include tax.

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