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Security Information

W32.Sober.X@mm (24th November 2005)

Symantec Corporation, a leading Internet security solutions company working in cooperation with Asahi Net, has sent notification of the W32.Sober.X@mm worm.

Symantec's Web site describes W32.Sober.X@mm as follows:

    W32.Sober.X@mm is a mass-mailing worm that uses its own SMTP engine to spread and lowers security settings. It sends itself as an email attachment to addresses gathered from the compromised computer. The email may be in either English or German.

For more information about W32.Sober.X@mm and how to remove it, see:

>> Symantec's W32.Sober.X@mm page (includes removal instructions)

Asahi Net's Virus Check Service

Asahi Net offers a Virus Check Service which disinfects and removes virus infected mail before it reaches member's mailboxes. However even this service does not fully defend against virus infection; there are other ways in which a virus can enter a computer such as by floppy disk, from an infected Web site, etc.

>> Asahi Net's Virus Check Service
>> Asahi Net's Virus Protection FAQ page
>> Asahi Net's Security Measures page

Other Worms and Viruses

Information, including removal instructions, can be found on Symantec's Web pages.

Latest Threats:


A Note for Members using Dial-up Connection Services

Who should read this

Members making dial-up connections to our access points.

It has come to our attention that, due to the W32.Blaster.Worm and it's variants, malfunction of automatic disconnect settings may occur.

What happens

Members making dial-up connections and using automatic connect/disconnect settings (in their router, for example) may find that their Internet connections are not automatically disconnected, resulting in unexpectedly long connection times. This can result in unexpected telephone charges and, should dial-up connection time exceed that available with the Asahi Net Plan in use, unexpected Asahi Net excess usage charges.

If your PC is not infected with the virus

    Even if your computer is not affected by this virus, data packets sent out on the Internet by viruses may still access your PC, and prevent automatic disconnect of your dial-up connection.

    If these type of packets access your computer but you are taking virus protection measures, there is no danger of virus infection. However, it is still possible that the duration of your connection times will be lengthened, possibly resulting in unexpected telephone charges and Asahi Net charges.

If your PC is infected with the virus

    Data packets being sent out onto the Internet by the virus can prevent your computer from automatically disconnecting its dial-up connection.

    It is still possible that the duration of your connection times will be lengthened, possibly resulting in unexpected telephone charges and Asahi Net charges.

    Please take steps to disinfect your computer of the virus.

What to do

  • Manually connect and disconnect from the Internet.
  • Keep your PC updated with the latest "Windows Update".
  • Keep your anti-virus software's anti-virus definitions file up to date.
  • If you discover you have been infected, please check with these pages for guidance:
>> Symantec's W32.Blaster.Worm page (includes removal instructions)
>> Microsoft's What You Should Know About the Blaster Worm page