Outbound Port 25 Blocking (OP25B) Implementation

Implementation What it is Dealing with it


As a step to improving the security of our Internet service and our members, ASAHI Net has decided to implement Outbound Port 25 Blocking (OP25B). With Asahi Net and other Internet providers implementing OP25B it is possible for the amount of unsolicited bulk email on the Internet to be reduced and accordingly the amount of virus-infected email to be reduced. We ask for the understanding and cooperation of all our members during the implementation phase.

Already implemented for these services

  ADSL Tokai and Lite ADSL Tokai Courses.
  au Hikari Home / Giga Value Type / Giga Type and au Hikari Mansion Courses.
  ADSL ACCA, Lite ADSL ACCA Courses and Discount ADSL ACCA Courses.
  ADSL eAccess, Lite ADSL eAccess Courses and Discount ADSL eAccess Courses.
  Discount Mobile Course.
  Neo-Discount Mobile Course.
  WiMAX Course.

  All-Japan Access Point (0570-037-001).
  All-Japan PIAFS Access Point (0035-054-100040).
  Prime Access Point (0120-253531).
  Click here for OP25B implementation of dial-up services

Depending on the way our members are using email, it is possible for the sending of email to be blocked after the implementation of OP25B. To determine in advance whether this is the case, we urge our members to refer to the following Are you affected? section.

Are you affected?

If using Asahi Net's All-Japan Access Point, All-Japan PIAFS Access Point or Prime Access Point please click here for information about OP25B implementation.

Please first read Step 1. After reading it, please only proceed to Step 2 if the result is You will be affected. If the result of Step 1 is You will not be affected please do not proceed to Step 2 or any other step.

Step 1 - Using an Asahi Net mail server?


How to check the Outgoing mail server setting of email software

By determining which Outgoing mail server you are using you will be able to find out if OP25B affects you or not. Click the link for the email software you are using and follow the instructions.

Checking the Outgoing mail server
>> Outlook Express 6.x for Windows
>> Outlook 2003 for Windows
>> Netscape 7 for Windows
>> Thunderbird 1.5 for Windows
>> Mail 1.4 for Mac OSX

Using other email software? Don't know how to check?
Please contact Asahi Net if you are unable to check the Outgoing mail server address.
>> How To Contact Asahi Net

Step 2 - Using an Asahi Net Internet connection?


Step 3 - Using an Asahi Net Fixed IP address?


Step 4 - Dealing with it

If you have reached this step then it is possible that you will be affected by the implementation of OP25B and will need to take action. Visit the Dealing with it page for relevant information.

>> Dealing with it