Email Virus Check Service - Monthly Report

This page demonstrates the status of virus detection by Asahi Net’s Email Virus Check Optional Service.

Virus infection on a single computer not only affects your friends but even those people that you do not know. To avoid such situation, we highly recommend you to use our Email Virus Check Service.

Infection rate of computer virus

The following graph and charts show the number of total emails scanned every month and how much of those were affected by viruses. Emails scanned are the total number of emails received by Asahi Net members using our Email Virus Check Service in the relevant month.

Viruses detected indicate the number of viruses detected and removed through this service. Infection rate indicates the ratio between total number of emails scanned and the number of computer viruses detected.

Total number of emails scanned and detected viruses

  Emails scanned Viruses detected Infection rate
December 2020 16,705,847 1,714 0.010%
November 2020 16,402,818 6,780 0.041%
October 2020 16,923,963 10,826 0.064%
September 2020 17,622,255 14,161 0.080%
August 2020 18,724,808 8,684 0.046%
July 2020 17,993,735 13,751 0.076%

Total number of emails scanned and virus infection rate

Graph:All Screened Emails - Virus Infected Emails Ratio in Percentage

List of most active computer viruses

The following list indicates the three most detected viruses in each month for the past six months.

The top three detected viruses

  1st 2nd 3rd
December 2020 x97m/
November 2020 rdn/generic.tfr
October 2020 w97m/downloader.dha
September 2020 w97m/downloader.dbv
August 2020 w97m/downloader.ddv
July 2020 suspicious_zip!js.a

Percentages in brackets indicate the rate of infection from viruses that were detected by the Email Virus Check Service.


Asahi Net’s Email Virus Check Service does not guarantee to completely protect your computer from getting infected with computer viruses. Computer viruses may make their way in from other routes besides email and infect your computer.

We would also like to bring to your attention that new types of computer viruses have been appearing on a daily basis, which transiently may slip through our Email Virus Check Service.