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  • I have just had NTT's FLET'S fiber-optic line opened. How do I make the first Internet connection?
    Thank you for your question.

    How you make the first connection depends on what device NTT has given you. In most cases they will have left you with a router and will expect you to configure it with your Asahi Net User Name and password so that it connects to the Internet and therefore any devices (like your computer) you connect to that router will be on the Internet.

    Please visit this page to see if the device provided by NTT is listed and, if it is, refer to the linked page for how to configure the device:
    Configuration Guide > FLET'S Hikari Next / FLET'S Hikari Light / FLET'S ADSL / B FLET'S

    If the device provided by NTT is not listed, please contact NTT in English to ask for assistance with configuring their router.
    Please contact NTT in English (NTT East 0120-565-950, NTT West 0120-064337), 9am to 5pm, weekdays.