IPv6 and IPv6 Connection Feature

  • Please tell me whether IPv6 is compatible with the router I am using.

    Please refer to the user manual for the router you are using. Some router may need to change the setting to activate the IPv6 capability. The user manual might be available from the website of the router maker. The following routers provided by NTT East and NTT West are confirmed to be compatible with IPv6.

    • RT-200KI
    • RT-200NE
    • RV-230NE
    • RV-230SE
    • RT-S300NE
    • RT-S300SE
    • RT-S300HI
    • RT-A300NE
    • RV-A340SE
    • RT-400NE
    • RT-400KI
    • RT-400MI
    • RT-500KI
    • RT-500MI
    • RS-500KI
    • RS-500MI
    • PR-S300 Series
    • PR-400 Series
    • PR-500 Series
    • PR-200NE