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  • I'm suddenly getting disconnected from FLET'S ADSL. Entry. Why?
    Here are things to consider.

    1. ADSL signal disturbance.
    If you find the ADSL lamp (sometimes labeled "Line") on the ADSL modem flashing - this means that the ADSL signal is no longer present on your line.
    If this is happening after a period of using FLET'S ADSL Entry without problems, a possible cause is maintenance or service downtime.
    >> Support : Maintenance and Service Outage

    Another option is to contact NTT. Before you contact NTT, please check that all cabling (Ethernet cable and modular telephone cable) is correctly connected. It may be that you've accidently pulled a cable out.

    2. Overheating of your ADSL modem.
    If you've had the ADSL modem switched on for a very long time, it may be overheating. Try disconnecting from the Internet, switching off the ADSL modem for 10 minutes or so, switching it back on, and trying to connect again.

    3. Connection to NTT's FLET'S Square.
    NTT's FLET'S Square is a server within NTT's FLET'S network. If you can connect to it but can't connect to Asahi Net then please contact Asahi Net. If you can't even connect to FLET'S Square, please contact NTT. You will not connect to FLET'S Square with your Asahi Net User Name and Password, you will use NTT's FLET'S Square User Name and Password - please refer to NTT's documentation.

    Still having problems?
    Please contact Asahi Net.