BB Entry

  • I want to know the speed, the charge, etc.
    NTT offers maximum download speed of Mbps (best effort) and maximum upload speeds of 512Kbps (best effort) with their FLET'S ADSL Entry service. They also offer other FLET'S ADSL services offering download at up to 47Mbps (best effort).

    Asahi Net will charge you on a monthly basis for our BB Entry Course. In addition, NTT will charge their monthly charge for their FLET'S ADSL Entry service. Initial charges will be billed by NTT.

    For more information, please refer to the page below.
    >> BB Entry Course
    Sometimes we offer a campaign with this service - please refer to our Web page for details.

    For more information about NTT charges, please refer to NTT's Web pages as listed below.
    NTT East's FLET'S ADSL Service Guide (English)
    NTT West's FLET'S ADSL Service Guide (English)