• The communication speed has dropped.

    As the service is of best effort, the communication speed indicated is the maximum according to technical standards and does not guarantee the actual communication speed.

    The actual communication speed depends on external factors such as the network condition (data traffic), performance of the computer and communication device that you are using, and the response of the accessed server or intermediary server.

    However, as communication speed is also influenced by conditions of usage in many cases, we recommend you to follow the steps below on a periodical basis.

    ■ Rebooting connection devices
    The performance of communication devices may decline when they are kept on for a long period. Please try rebooting your ONU (Optical Network Unit), HUB (splitter), computer and tablets, to see if there is any improvement.
    When you turn off your router, please wait for about 15 minutes before turning it back on.

    ■ If you are using multiple devices
    Please try connecting with other computer or tablet. If you see an improvement with other devices, the reason is particular to the device with which you want to improve the communication speed. Please contact the manufacturer of the device.

    ■ If you are using wireless LAN
    Speed may decrease due to factors such as problems concerning standards of the wireless LAN, interference with other radio waves, structure of the house, etc. If possible, try wired connection to see if there is any improvement.
    If you are using a separate router and wireless LAN device, try connecting to internet directly with the router without connecting through wireless LAN device.

    ■ Checking devices and cables
    Communication speed that a router, a HUB or a LAN cable can support depend on their specifications. Older devices or cables may not provide the expected speed. Please check whether the specifications of the devices and cables support the speed provided through the fiber-optic line.

    ■ If you are using resident software such as security software
    If you have installed resident security software in your device, processing speed may be lowered due its load. Try disabling the software temporarily, or if possible try uninstalling the software to see if there is any improvement.

    * Please reconfigure security settings after you have tried the above process. If you are using other resident software, try disabling it as well.