Asahi Net WiMAX 2+

  • Is additional charge required to use the LTE option?

    Charges for LTE option differ depending on the plan you are using. Please check the details below, according to the plan you are using or are intending to use.

    ■ Plans with a two-year contract term (Unlimited Data Plan and Fixed Data Plan.)
    In any month the High-speed Plus Area Mode is used, an additional 1,105 yen (tax included) /month will be charged, regardless of the amount of data traffic used. (There will be no option charges for the month in which no connection using High-speed Plus Area Mode was made.)

    ■ Plans with a three-year contract term (Unlimited Data with LTE Plan and Fixed Data with LTE Plan.)
    These plans include LTE option, thus there will be no optional charges for using High-speed Plus Area Mode.