Asahi Net WiMAX 2+

  • Is there a speed restriction?

    Yes. The speed restriction for Asahi Net WiMAX 2+ depends on the plan and the amount of data traffic.

    Communication speed restriction due to excess monthly data amount

    • If you are using Fixed Data Plan or Fixed Data Plan with LTE Plan; the communication speed will be restricted to max. 128 Kbps until the end of month when the total data amount in WiMAX 2+ High-Speed Mode and High-Speed Plus Area Mode exceeds 7 GB a month.
    • If you are using Unlimited Data Plan or Unlimited Data Plan with LTE Plan, and the device supports au 4G LTE option, WiMAX 2+ in High-Speed Mode will also be subject to communication speed restriction once the restriction for High-Speed Plus Area Mode (monthly 7 GB) is applied.

    You can see if you are subject to speed restriction from the page below.

    Asahi Net WiMAX 2+ | Check Contract/Account and Service-related Requests

    • Asahi Net ID and password are required.
    • The Communication Speed Status is reflected on the next day the speed restriction is put in place.

    Communication speed restriction due to data traffic for the most recent three days

    • If you exceed the data traffic for the most recent three days, there is a service to notify you via email that a speed restriction will be put in place. This email will be sent to you the next day after 1 p.m. once you exceed the data amount.
      If you wish to be notified, please apply from UQ Communications Inc.'s Data Amount Notification Service page (Japanese).
    Schedule to notify data amount.

    Schedule to notify data amount.

    • Schedule differs depending on three days (including the previous day of notification) usage situation.

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