• How can I improve the communication speed?
    The communication speeds shown for this service are the maximum technically possible, however they are not the speed that you will experience when using the service. The speed for this service is a "best effort" and therefore the actual speed is dependent on many factors including the communication environment, congestion on networks, the device in use at the time, etc.
    However, there are many cases where speed decreases due to usage environment and we recommend you check your internet environment on a periodical basis.

    ■If you are using long modular cables (telephone cables)
    Long modular cables gets noise interference, so try using a shorter modular cable (the shorter the better).
    *This also applies to tied together long cables.
    *If your modular outlet and PC are far apart, try not to extend the modular cable but the LAN cable.

    ■If modular cable is branched between modular connector and modem
    If a hub is used between modular outlet and modem, correct connection may not be established or there may be interference in the use of telephone.

    ■If there is more than one modular outlet
    There is a case when situation improves by using a different outlet. Try plugging into a different outlet and see if the situation improves.

    ■If modular cable is placed near any appliance
    Appliances such as TV, stereo and microwave generates noise which cause attenuation of ADSL signal. If possible, try to keep away from these appliances when wiring.

    ■If you have security equipment installed
    Since many security equipment use telephone line, the ADSL connection may get interfered. In such case, you may need a separate wiring installation (this includes fire alarm, gas detector). Please check with your gas company, etc.

    ■If you are living in an apartment or a mansion
    An LCR adapter may be attached to the main distribution frame (MDF) of apartment/mansion. Please check with the property management company or the keeper of your apartment (or mansion). If the adapter is not necessary, make a request to remove it and see if the situation improves.

    ■Rebooting of connection device
    If the power of the connection device is ON for a long time, its performance may slow down. Tyr turning off the power of your ADSL modem, router, HUB and turn them on again after about 15 minutes.

    ■If you are using more than one PC
    Tyr using a different PC to see if there is any change. If the situation improves, there may be a problem in your PC so please consult the manufacturer of the PC.

    ■If you are using a Wi-Fi router and PLC within the house
    Try using LAN cable instead of Wi-Fi and PLC to see if the situation improves. There are cases where Wi-Fi is causing the speed down with its standards or route.
    The frequency of Wi-Fi can interfere with the frequency of appliances (microwave, cordless phone, etc.), so if these kinds of appliances are near your Wi-Fi device, try to keep them away.
    Also, an old LAN device may be causing the slow down. Please check the standards of your device.

    ■If you are using resident software such as security software
    If security software resides, processing speed may slow down due to its workload. Try for a temporary halt or uninstall (if possible) to see if the situation improves.
    *Please reset and reinstall your security software after checking. If you have resident software other than security software, try halting those as well to see if the situation improves by reducing PC workload.