• An authentication error shows up and cannot connect to the internet.
    Please check the following.

    (1) Does the ID you are using corresponds to FLET'S ADSL Course?

    If it is not ADSL Course, you are required to change courses.
    Please refer to the following page for more details.
    >> Service: FLET'S ADSL

    (2) Please take a look at your internet connection settings.

    User name: Asahi Net ID@atson.net (e.g., ab4t-ash@atson.net)
    Password: Asahi Net password which corresponds to ID
    Authentication method: PAP

    (3) FLET'S ADSL Course does not offer multiple connection to FLET'S ADSL (i.e., connecting from more than one place) with one Asahi Net ID.