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  • I can connect to the FLET'S service, but can't see web pages. Why?
    Here is a list of things to check.

    1. Do you have Asahi Net's DNS numbers entered?
    Asahi Net's DNS numbers for FLET'S services are listed here. If you do not have them set in your computer's FLET'S configuration, please try adding them.
    Primary DNS :
    Secondary DNS :

    2. Is your computer configured to use a Proxy server?
    A proxy server setting in your computer may prevent Web pages from appearing. Please remove the proxy server setting.
    >> Removing the Proxy server setting (Windows)
    >> Removing the Proxy server settings (Mac)

    3. Are you using PPPoE software that has not been supplied by NTT or a router that has not been supplied by NTT?
    NTT's FLET'S Connection Tool PPPoE software is supplied in Japanese and may not work with some English-language operating systems. If you have installed some other PPPoE software to work in its place or are using a router that hasn't been supplied by NTT to make the Internet connection, the default MTU setting may not allow full access to the Web. In particular, the MTU (Maximum Transfer Unit) setting of non-NTT software or non-NTT routers may be set to 1490: whereas the suggested setting for NTT's FLET'S network is 1454. Please refer to the documentation supplied with the PPPoE software or router to find out how to find and change this value.

    Users of NTT's FLET'S Connection Tool PPPoE software will not need to adjust the MTU value. Users of operating systems that have PPPoE integrated into the operating system, such as Windows XP and Mac OS X, will not need to make an adjustment to the MTU value.

    4. Are you using a Firewall?
    Perhaps your firewall is configured in a way that is preventing access to some or all Web sites. If you are uncertain of how to adjust your firewall's settings, you may want to temporarily disable the firewall to test this out. If you find that Web pages appear after the firewall has been disabled, you will want to enable your firewall again and adjust its settings to allow you access to the Web sites you want to see.

    Still having problems?
    Please contact Asahi Net.