Administrative Questions

  • How do I cancel family's Asahi Net membership and my Asahi Net membership?

    It is possible to cancel on-line, using Asahi Net's Account Maintenance page.
    Please open the Cancellation and Settings page, choose Cancellation and enter you and your family member's Asahi Net ID and password when prompted.

    Cancellation and Settings

    Alternatively, you may request cancellation by phone, e-mail or paper.

    Contact Us

    In addition, although a connection service may not be necessary, if you or your family member would like to continue using your Asahi Net email address as usual, we recommend you change course to the Mail and Blog Course with a monthly charge of 300 yen.

    Mail and Blog Course

    If you are using NTT's Flet's series connection, please contact NTT to cancel the service.

    • NTT East's English number is 0120-565-950
    • NTT West's English number is 0120-064-337