Administrative Questions

  • How do I cancel my membership?
    Reasons Not To Cancel
    Before you proceed to the cancellation process, please let us introduce some reasons not to cancel.
    • Moving within Japan?
      We can offer you mobile and fixed line broadband connection throughout Japan. If you haven't yet looked at our Area Check page for availability to your new home, please do so, or contact us and have us check for you.
    • Switching to a different broadband service?
      We think we can offer you broadband at a very competitive price to the service you are moving to. If you like, contact us about the service you are considering and we'll let you know what competitive services we offer.
    • Want cheaper Internet?
      We think our services charges are reasonable. You may like to contact us to see if there is a cheaper way for you to use our service.
    • Tired of getting spam mail?
      Have you tried our free Neo-SpamBlock service? You may like to contact us to see if we can also suggest other ways to reduce the amount of spam mail you are receiving.

    When Your Membership Will Be Cancelled
    • If you make a request for cancellation BEFORE or ON 15th of a month, you can request that cancellation be effective either at the end of the current month or at the end of the following month.
    • If you make a request for cancellation AFTER 15th of a month, your membership will automatically be cancelled at the end of the following month.

    Are You Using A Asahi Net Broadband Service?
    Submit your membership cancellation request and also see the "To Those Using A Asahi Net Broadband Service" section below to see what you need to do to cancel your broadband service.

    How to Submit Your Cancellation Request
    There are several different methods of cancellation. However, there is an order of preferability among them from our perspective, and they are listed below accordingly. Using the Account Maintenance page is the most secure, as it requires knowledge of your Asahi Net password.

    1. Cancel via the WEB, using Asahi Net's Account Maintenance page.
    Open the Account Maintenance page in your Web browser, and enter your Asahi Net User ID and password when prompted.
    >> Account Maintenance

    Carefully read and follow the important instructions on the page. Your request for cancellation will only be made once you have selected the "Finish" button at the end of the process and have seen a confirmation number. The Account Maintenance page is available even if your Internet connection is through another provider.

    2. Cancel by Contacting English Customer Support
    Please contact Asahi Net English Customer Support.
    Please have the following information ready when contacting.
    a. Your Asahi Net User ID
    b. Your name
    c. Your date of birth
    d. Your current postal address
    e. Your registered telephone number
    If making your request before or on 15th of a month, specify whether you want your membership cancelling at the end of the current month or at the end of the following month: see the "When Your Membership Will Be Cancelled" section above.
    Refer to the following Contact Us page for contact information.
    >> Contact Us

    Cancellation Policy
    Per section 13 of our Asahi Net Individual Member Service Agreement:
    "Individual members are required to notify the Company of intent to cancel during the calendar month prior to the final month of membership, using one of the methods of notification specified by the Company. Cancellation becomes effective after the final day of the final month of membership."

    For example, if we receive your request for cancellation during the month of May, your account will remain active until June 30th, at which point it will be closed permanently. You will be billed for all services used up to and including June 30th.
    • Being billed by Asahi Net to your credit card?
    • Please note that from the time when charges are placed on a credit card until the time they appear on your statement, there can be a significant time lag. You might very well see our charges on your bill as long as 3 to 4 months after you submitted your cancellation.
    • Being billed by NTT for Asahi Net's service?
    • Please contact NTT for information about their billing (see "NTT's FLET'S services" below). NTT will not be able to bill you for the final month of Asahi Net's FTTH with FLET'S charges or for Asahi Net's FTTH with FLET'S charges for any month that NTT has been unable to bill you to date. In addition, NTT will not be able to bill you for any Asahi Net penalty charge that you may have to pay if you have not used our service for the minimum usage period. Asahi Net will contact you to request you make the payment of outstanding Asahi Net charges by credit card or post office transfer.

    To Those Using A Asahi Net Broadband Service
    Submitting a request to cancel your Asahi Net membership DOES NOT automatically result in the Asahi Net ADSL service or fiber-optic service you are using being cancelled. You will need to cancel your membership and may ALSO need to submit a request to cancel the broadband service, as stated below.

    Contacting Asahi Net
    If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact our office in English. Thank you for using Asahi Net.