Administrative Questions

  • I forgot my password. What should I do?
    If you forgot your password, please try to find it or to remember it, because getting a new one may be inconvenient for you. After Asahi Net creates your new password, we send it to you by registered postal mail. We therefore need to know your exact postal address. When we create the new password we disable your current password, so you will not be able to access Asahi Net in the period between Asahi Net creating your new password and your receipt of the new password.

    The ways you may request a new password are:

    1. Call our office.

    We'll ask you some questions, and then take your request for a new password to be issued.

    2. Complete our on-line form.

    >> Password Re-issue Request
    After your new password is generated, it will be sent to you by ordinary postal mail.

    For more about password re-issue, please refer to this Web page:
    >> Password Re-issue