Switching Part of the WiMAX 2+ Frequency Band to 5G

April 28, 2022
Asahi Net, Inc.

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This announcement is to inform the members of Asahi Net that UQ Communications Inc., the provider of WiMAX 2+, is going to switch part of the WiMAX 2+ frequency band to 5G.

1. Details

The WiMAX 2+ frequency band (2.5 GHz) will be switched to 5G sequentially.

Switching will begin in parts of major cities in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.
Please check the page below for the applicable area:
https://www.uqwimax.jp/r/1984 (in Japanese only)

2. Start of Implementation

Switching will begin on September 1, 2022.

3. Impact to Asahi Net WiMAX 2+

After the frequency band is switched to 5G, the maximum speed of WiMAX 2+ will change from 440 Mbps to 220 Mbps.

4. Inquiries

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