Notice on Closing of Neo-Discount ADSL Service

February 16, 2021
Asahi Net, Inc.

Thank you for using Asahi Net.

In association with the closing of Softbank’s Neo-Discount ADSL, Asahi Net will be closing the Neo-Discount ADSL Service as of September 30, 2021.
Thank you for your interest and use of the service.

This page is to notify you of the procedure to be taken in accordance with the closing of the Service.

1. Services Closing for New Application

  • All of Neo-Discount ADSL Courses
  • Neo-Discount ADSL 12M Course
  • Neo-Discount ADSL 12M, IP-Phone Capable Course
  • Neo-Discount ADSL 50M Course
  • Neo-Discount ADSL 50M, IP-Phone Capable Course
  • ADSL eAccess 8M Course
  • ADSL eAccess 1.5M Course
  • ADSL eAccess Course
  • ADSL eAccess 12M Course
  • Lite ADSL eAccess Course
  • Discount ADSL ACCA Course
  • Discount Plus ADSL ACCA Course
  • Discount ADSL eAccess Course

2. Closing Date/Time for New Application

September 30, 2021

3. Use of Asahi Net

You are asked to change your connection service to another one, or terminate your Asahi Net membership.

If you wish to continue using Asahi Net

If you wish to use another Asahi Net Connection Service, you are asked to take the following two procedures.

  • Application procedure for a new connection service.
  • Cancellation procedure for ADSL Course.

Cancellation procedure for ADSL Course can be taken from the following page.

  • Please have your corresponding ID and password ready.

To apply for a new service, please click the Apply button on each connection service page.

If you wish to terminate your Asahi Net membership

If you wish to terminate your Asahi Net membership, a separate procedure is required. Please check your contract status before continuing to the next procedure.

4. For Inquiries

Asahi Net English Customer Support
If you have any inquiries, please Contact Us.