Impact on Asahi Net Services in relation to the closure of NTT West FLET’S Hikari Premium

September 6, 2018

As previously notified, NTT West has announced to close the FLET’S Hikari Premium service as of January 31, 2019.

This reminder is to provide information to those members using NTT West FLET’S Hikari Premium service, on the impact on Asahi Net services in relation to the closure of NTT West’s relevant access service.

■ Reference

NTT West Official Website Service Closure date of FLET’S Hikari Premium (June 5, 2017) (Japanese)

For those applicable members, NTT West will notify you of the service closure date and instruct you on the successive access service of FLET’S Hikari NEXT. For detailed information, please refer to the NTT West official website indicated above.

1. Continuation of Asahi Net Services

Members can continue to use Asahi Net connection services by changing to the successive line of FLET’S Hikari Next access service.

Members who wish to cancel Asahi Net internet connection service that they are currently using, in association with the closure of NTT West FLET’S Hikari Premium, are required to apply for cancellation to Asahi Net.

a. Course change of Asahi Net connection services

No action is required. Members can continue to use the current internet connection services.

b. Monthly Charge

There will be no change.
You can continue using with the same monthly charge.

c. Fixed IP Address Option

This information applies only to current subscribers of Fixed IP Address Option.
The IP address will remain unchanged and there is no action necessary.

  • No action is required for those members currently using Asahi Net FTTH with FLET’S, and changed the type of NTT Hikari line. The same fixed IP address can be used at the same monthly charge.
  • Some of the members are required to change Asahi Net connection course in association with the change of NTT West Hikari line. Please refer to the following for details.

Change of Asahi Net connection course is required in the following cases.

2. Cases where Asahi Net connection course is required to be changed

In the following cases, members are required to change their Asahi Net connection courses.

a. Cases where connection course is required to be changed

When NTT Hikari line is changed as described in the chart below, Asahi Net connection course also needs to be changed to that compatible with the changed NTT line.

Current NTT lines Line after change
FLET’S Hikari Premium Family Type FLET’S Hikari NEXT MansionType
FLET’S Hikari Premium MansionType FLET’S Hikari NEXT Family Type
  • Any change of line made between Family Type and Mansion Type, as shown above, requires change of Asahi Net connection course.

The following two compatible connection courses are available at Asahi Net. Please refer to each information page.

You can check your current contract status at Services User Page

b. Fixed-IP Address

Members who fall under the aforementioned cases and are currently using the Fixed IP Address Option are required to reapply for the Fixed IP Address Option. The same IP address will be reassigned.

3. For inquiries

NTT West Information
Phone : 0120-064-337
Service available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean.
9am to 5pm Monday through Friday
(Closed Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays and New Year's Holidays [Dec.29 to Jan.3])
  • Can also be called from mobile phones and PHSs.

Asahi Net English Customer Support
(Open hours: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., weekdays, excluding national holidays.)

  • 03-6631-0861 (For calls from a mobile phone, IP-Phone, or public phone)
  • 0120-577-135 (For calls from an NTT landline)

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