Notice on the Temporal Change in Diners Club Card
Billing Dates

July 20, 2018

Due to revision of the contract management system, the date of billing from Asahi Net to credit card companies has been changed.

As a result of this revision, there will be a temporal change in the withdrawal payment timing for those customers using Diners Club Card to make payment to Asahi Net. The followings are the details.

[Apology and Correction]
We have been informed by Diners Club that billings and withdrawal payment timing affect charges not only for May but also those from April to June. We would like to apologize and correct the information.

For details, please refer to the revised notice in the webpage below.

August 7, 2018 (Revision) Notice on the Temporal Change in Diners Club Card Billing Dates

1. Who Will be Affected

Customers who are using the following credit cards for payment of Asahi Net charges.

2. Month Affected

The temporal change will affect billings and withdrawal payment timing for May charges.

3. Withdrawal Payment Date

Due to the temporal change in the billing date from Asahi Net to the credit card company, withdrawal payment for May charges will be delayed for a month from the normal schedule. Consequently, withdrawal payment for both May and June charges will be in the same month.

* Withdrawal payment date will return to normal starting from July charges.

* Customers using a card with a statement closing date and withdrawal payment date different from those described in the chart below will not be affected.

A table of the withdrawal payment date

Asahi Net charges will be indicated by month on your credit card billing statement. In your credit card billing statement, the last day of the month for which the charge is billed for will be indicated. Please refer to the date on your credit card billing statement to check which month the Asahi Net charges are for.

4. For Inquiries

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  • 03-6631-0861 (For calls from a mobile phone, IP-Phone, or public phone)
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