Notice on part of the calls via IP-Phone-C Service to be charged in association with the change of 050 IP-Phone services of NTT Plala Inc.

August 15th, 2017

In association with the Notice on partial change of Plala-Phone for FLET’S Service announced by NTT Plala Inc. on April 28, 2017, calls made using Asahi Net’s IP-Phone-C Service to NTT Plala’s 050 IP-Phone numbers will be charged starting from August 2017.

Schedule of changes in call charges

■ From August 30, 2017

Calls made from Calls made to Current From August 30, 2017 and after
Asahi Net’s IP-Phone-C NTT Plala’s 050 phone numbers
050-7300-XXXX - 050-7303-XXXX,
050-7500-XXXX - 050-7589-XXXX
050-7590-XXXX - 050-7625-XXXX
No charge Charged
8 yen (tax-excluded) /3 minutes.

For more details, please refer to the following.

NTT Plala Inc.

Notice on partial change of 050 IP-Phone, Plala-Phone for FLET’S Service (Japanese only)