Updating of Root Zone Key-Signing Key

August 9th, 2017

Updating of DNS root zone key-signing key (KSK rollover) is being proceeded during the period from October 2016 until March 2018.

Asahi Net has confirmed that KSK rollover will not impose any impact on our DNS servers.

We would like to reassure our customers that it will not affect your use of Asahi Net’s Services in any way.

Thank you for your continued use of our services.

For more information on KSK rollover, please refer to the following website.

Regarding KSK Rollover, Japan Network Information Center (Japanese only)


  • What will be rolled over (updated)?

    Key-Signing Key (KSK) used for the DNSSEC* will be rolled over in the root server that constitutes DNS server.

    • DNSSEC: DNS Security Extensions is a system that adds security for communication concerning name resolution between DNS servers.
  • How did Asahi Net confirm that there will be no associated impact?

    KSK rollover is expected to increase communication (packet size) between DNS servers.

    Considering such assumption, we tested our DNS servers with name resolution requests using larger packet sizes and confirmed normal responses.

  • Why has KSK rollover in the root server been brought to attention?

    Since it is a topic related to name resolution, which is one of the important functions to use internet. Name resolution is performed by numerous DNS servers on the internet, and entire DNS servers (DNS cache servers) communicate with root servers.