Improvements made on Member Support Page

July 25, 2017

Today, Asahi Net released an improved Member Support Page that has become more user-friendly.

We have revised the overall design of the webpages. The page where information is posted, the page that navigates you to make applications, requests, and to manage your account have changed. We ask for your kind understanding for these changes made.

1. URL of the webpage

2. Key improvements

  • Enhanced web layouts on smartphone (mobile friendly)

    Easy to view and easy to operate on smaller screen of mobile devices.

  • Renewed menu design on Member Support front page

    User friendly designed, by-task menu buttons provide easier access to the webpages that are viewed frequently by our members to manage their accounts.

  • Set up a webpage dedicated to security measures

    Post articles on precautions when using internet, to support our members’ safe and secure use of internet.

Please visit our new and improved Member Support webpages.
Asahi Net will continue serving our member to solve internet related problems and to provide relevant information through our Member Support page.

Thank you for using Asahi Net.