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16th June 2017
Impact on Asahi Net Services in relation with the closure of NTT West B FLET’S and FLET’S Hikari Premium

Thank you for using Asahi Net.

As we updated previously, NTT West’s B FLET’S service is scheduled to be terminated as of November 30th, 2017.

NTT West also announced that their FLET’S Hikari Premium will be terminated subsequently in January 31st, 2019.

NTT Line Types Service Closure Date
B FLET’S Family 100 types / Business Type / Basic Type Thursday, November 30th, 2017
FLET’S Hikari Premium Thursday, January 31st, 2019

News Release : Termination of B FLET’S (December 1st, 2014) (Japanese)

News Release : Termination of FLET’S Hikari Premium Service (June 5th, 2016) (Japanese)

There will be a notification made by NTT West to any applicable customers, with the guidance of the successive available service “FLET’S Hikari NEXT” Please check the detailed information at the above listed NTT West web pages.

1. Regarding Continuation of Asahi Net Services

You can continue using Asahi Net after the transfer to FLET’S Hikari NEXT line.

a.Contract Change to Asahi Net Service Course

There is no need for actions. You can continue using the current Internet connection service.

b.Regarding Monthly Fee

There will be no change.
You can continue using with the same monthly fee.

c.Regarding Our Fixed IP Options

This information applies only to current subscribers of Fixed IP address service.
The IP address will remain unchanged and there is no action necessary.

*No action is needed at Asahi Net for those who changed the type of FTTH (Fiber-optic) line from Asahi Net FTTH with FLET’S. You can use the same Fixed IP address service at unchanged fee.

*However, there are some cases that require our Service Course change due to the fiber-optic network alteration at NTT West. Please check the following guidance.

Some cases require actions to change Service Course.

2. Cases requiring Service Course Change

Following cases require your action to change Service Course.

a.Cases requiring Service Course Change

Changes made to NTT line types as described below also require changes to relevant Asahi Net Service Courses.

Current NTT lines Changed Lines
B FLET’S Family 100Type FLET’S Hikari NEXT MansionType
B FLET’S Basic Type FLET’S Hikari NEXT Family Type
B FLET’S Basic Type FLET’S Hikari NEXT MansionType
B FLET’S Business Type FLET’S Hikari NEXT Family Type
B FLET’S Business Type FLET’S Hikari NEXT MansionType
FLET’S Hikari PremiumFamily Type FLET’S Hikari NEXT MansionType
FLET’S Hikari PremiumMansionType FLET’S Hikari NEXT Family Type

*As shown above, all changes made between Family and Mansion type, and any changes made from B FLET’S Basic or B FLET’S Business require Asahi Net Service Course change.

We have following two types of Service Course. Please refer to each information page.

FLET’S Hikari NEXTFamily Course

FLET’S Hikari NEXTMansion Course

You can check your current contract status at MyPage

(Individual Members) MyPage
Please have your Asahi Net User ID and Password.

(Business Service Members) MyPage
Please have the A-letter beginning Administration ID and password.

b.Regarding Fixed-IP Address

Subject to the cases as above, if you are currently subscribing our added fee Fixed IP option service, you need to reapply for the service again. The same static address will be provided for such cases.

3. Others

After July 1st 2017, we will terminate the pre-allocation service for the Fixed IP service in the B FLET’s Course applied to NTT West lines. Thank you for your understanding.

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