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May 23rd, 2017
Notice of revision of NTT line usage charge (starting from July 2017 charge)

Thank you very much for using Asahi Net.

The NTT line usage charge for ADSL services will be revised, starting from the July 2017 charge.

1. Applicable connection services

  • ADSL eAccess 8M Course
  • ADSL eAccess 1.5M Course
  • ADSL eAccess Course
  • ADSL Tokai Course
  • ADSL eAccess 12M Course
  • ADSL Best-T Course
  • Lite ADSL eAccess Course
  • Lite ADSL Tokai Course
  • Neo-Discount ADSL Course
  • Discount ADSL ACCA Course
  • Discount Plus ADSL ACCA Course
  • Discount ADSL eAccess Course

2. Summary of the revised NTT line usage charge

NTT line usage charge Current
Until June 2017 charge
After Revision
From July 2017 charge
Type 1 113 yen NTT East: 98 yen
NTT West: 108 yen
Type 2 1,366 yen NTT East: 1,629 yen
NTT West: 1,598 yen
  • All charges shown exclude tax. Consumption tax is charged separately.

3. Reason for revision

The revised charge will be accompanied by changes in the ADSL connection fees of NTT East and NTT West, as approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.