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16th May 2017
Software Updates for Asahi Net’s WiMAX 2+ Speed Wi-Fi NEXT W04

Thank you for using Asahi Net.

There is a new software update for Asahi Net WiMAX 2+ Speed Wi-Fi NEXT W04. This update is released on May 16th, 2017 by UQ Communications.

1. Device

Speed Wi-Fi NEXT W04

2. Details of the Update

1.Now capable of up to 590Mbps download speed. (Provided partially in Tokyo, Aichi, Osaka area)

  • * In "High-Speed Plus Area" Mode
  • * "High-Performance" settings
  • * For 4G LTE, this speed is possible with the carrier aggregated WiMAX2+

2.Faster uploading enabled by the UL UDC(uplink data compression) compatible feature

3.Now capable of using 256-QAM (Provided partially in Tokyo area)

4.Improved quality in port forwarding feature

※ There were also several minor improvements for better usability.

Please refer to UQ Communications website to see the details and guidance when you update.

We appreciate your continuing use of Asahi Net.