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24th March 2017
Closure of Tokyo Access Point with Dial-up Connection Service

Thank you for using Asahi Net.

With diminishing number of users and facility obsolescence, we come to announce the closure of Tokyo access point service as of March 31st 2017.

After this date, Tokyo access point will no longer be active and any users of this service need to reconfigure active PPP software or dial-up routers to All-Japan Access Point.

We appreciate your understanding.

1. Access Point to be Closed

Tokyo Access Point

  • 03-3517-0251
  • 03-3517-7231
  • 03-5201-3191
  • 03-5203-8800
  • 03-3510-8121

2. Closure Date

Friday, March 31st , 2017

3. Alternative Access Point

Please use All-Japan Access Point.

  • 0570-037-001 ("Minna One Number")

4. Reconfiguration Method

Please refer to the following page.

All-Japan Access Point (Windows,Macintosh)