About spam emails spoofing as Asahi Net

26th August 2016
About spam emails spoofing as Asahi Net

There are a number of inquiries where Asahi Net members receive
spam emails spoofing (or disguising themselves) as Asahi Net.

Spam Email Overview

At this time, the spam email was being sent in Japanese.

In the From and Reply To sections, as well as the Body of the email, "Asahi Net" is written.

In the Subject section, in Japanese, is written as entitled "あなたのアカウントが一時的にロックされています!", which translates to "Your account has been locked temporarily!".

In the body of the email, there are instructions to have you click the link provided and enter your Asahi Net User ID and password regarding the "locking" of the account.

These spam emails are not related to Asahi Net in any way.

The URL of the link redirects you to a third-party Web page, which is also not related to Asahi Net.

Should you receive such spam emails, or any similar emails, please delete them immediately.

Also, should you have clicked the link and opened the Web page, do not enter anything and close the browser.

If you have entered your ID and password

Should you have entered your Asahi Net User ID and password on the third-party Web page, there is a high possibility for your personal information to be compromised and used maliciously by a third party.

If so, please take the following measures below:

1) Please change your Asahi Net password using the link below.


* You will need to use your Asahi Net User ID and its password to log in to the "Change Password" page.

* Should you change your password, you must reconfigure your connection settings or your router settings. Also, you will need to update your password if you are using email software for Asahi Net's mailbox.

2 ) Please perform a scan of your computer using your security software.

If it is possible, please perform a scan using an online scanner.

If you have any questions, please contact English Customer Service.

Asahi Net English Customer Service

:03-6631-0861 (from cell phones, PHS, IP-Phones)
Hours:Monday-Friday, 10:00am-5:00pm, excluding national holidays and Asahi Net holidays.