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1st April 2016
A change to the method of getting cash back payments

Wellnet Corporation's Net De Uketori service will be used

Dear Asahi Net customer,

Thank you very much for using Asahi Net.

Until now Asahi Net has used Rakuten Bank's MailMoney service to notify customers about Asahi Net cash back payments for campaign benefits they are eligible for.

However, to make the process of getting the cash back payment easier for our customers, from now Asahi Net will use the Net De Uketori service of Wellnet Corporation. Please find more information about this below.

1. Affected customers
Customers who will be sent a notification about a Asahi Net cash back payment from May 2016 onwards need to be aware of this change. Customers who are expecting a notification from May 2016 from Rakuten Bank also need to be aware of this change. Your understanding is appreciated.

2. Outline
An email about the cash back process will be sent from Asahi Net to the customer's contact email address. Please click the link below to register your contact email address:
Email address registration
(log in with your Asahi Net User ID and password)

Click the URL in the email to access the Wellnet Corporation Net De Uketori (Get Cash Back) page. After logging in, please enter your bank account information as requested on the screen.

More information about getting the cash back payment can be found here:
How to get the cash back payment

Please contact Asahi Net should you have any questions.

We look forward to continuing to be of service to you.