10th February 2016: Aichi FLET'S Hikari Line Connection Status (updated 12th Feb, 9pm)

10th Feb 2016
Aichi FLET'S Hikari Line Connection Status (updated 12th Feb, 9pm)

* 2 and 4 below were updated at 9pm on 12th February.

Apology for Outage

Thank you very much for using Asahi Net.
We'd like to inform you of an outage that affected users of Asahi Net's services.

1. Outage date

09:00 on 10th February 2016 to 16:17 on 11th February 2016.

2. Cause

An equipment outage within NTT West's network.
Please visit this NTT Web page (in Japanese) for details.

3. Affected lines and locations

Locations Aichi prefecture
Lines AsahiNet Hikari Family
FLET'S Hikari Next Family

4. Developments

About 09:00 on 10th February The release of a Windows Update caused in an increase in traffic, resulting in country-wide difficulties in connecting to the Internet.
About 11:00 on 10th February As traffic dropped off, connection difficulties were resolved. However, in some areas of Aichi the problem persisted, and investigations to find the cause continued.
16:17 on 11th February An outage was discovered in the NTT West area network, and NTT West took steps to resolve it, resulting in the resolution of connection difficulties.
11:28 on 12th February It was determined that the outage discovered at 16:17 on 11th February had been resolved.