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24th Dec 2015
Twitter account for outage announcements

Asahi Net has opened a Twitter account to report outages

Thank you very much for using Asahi Net.
We'd like to inform you of Asahi Net's Japanese-language Twitter account for reporting outages.

1. Launch date
24th December 2015.

2. Operation
* The Twitter account will be used to provide information in Japanese about service outages and emergency maintenance for services run by Asahi Net.
* As a general rule, this account is dedicated to providing information and therefore will not be used to respond to comments made or for direct mail marketing.
* Please refer to the document linked below for the Twitter Account Policy (in Japanese).

3. Twitter account
Description: ASAHIネット 障害アナウンス
Username: @asahinetstatus

Please contact Asahi Net should you have any questions.
We look forward to continuing to be of service to you.