Asahi Net Hikari with FLET'S Mansion Course Charge Revision : News and Announcements

1st Oct 2015
Asahi Net Hikari with FLET'S Mansion Course Charge Revision

From 1st December 2015, the Asahi Net Hikari with FLET'S Mansion Course provider monthly usage charge will change from 550 yen/month to 700 yen/month.

Date of Charge Revision

To start from Asahi Net's December 2015 usage charge.

Affected Users

Customers who use the Asahi Net Hikari with FLET'S Mansion Course.

Revision to Provider Monthly Usage Charge (Excluding Tax)

Before revision After revision
550 yen/month *1 700 yen/month
*1 Should you have applied for the service before 31st January 2010 the service charge will be different to that shown here. Please click here for details.


Thank you for using Asahi Net's services.

The Internet has become a social infrastructure that we all find indispensable in various aspects of our lives. This has led in recent years to a continued increase in demand for internet connection services, centered on fiber-optic and mobile services.

In such circumstances, and with the prevalence of online video and music streaming services as well as the diversification of communication devices including smartphones and tablets, resulting an increased contact time with the media, internet communication traffic is steadily rising and is expected to continue rising at an even faster pace.

At Asahi Net, when such changes have occurred in the past we have endeavored to strengthen our communication equipment in order to increase service quality levels while at the same time working towards decreasing costs, thereby allowing us to maintain service charge levels.

However, we have recognized that there will be even further increases in expected communication traffic and in order to sustain the increase in communication equipment while continuing to provide the required level of service, we believe the time has come to revise the Asahi Net Hikari with FLET'S Mansion Course charge, as explained below.

We do appreciate your understanding. We remain committed to maintaining and improving the quality of our Internet connection service. We look forward to continuing to be of service to you.

Customers Receiving Campaign Benefits

Should you be a customer currently receiving the benefits of an Asahi Net Hikari with FLET'S campaign, for example you are not being charged the Hikari with FLET'S Mansion Course monthly provider usage charge for several months, you will have the campaign benefits continue until the end of the campaign period and will not be affected by the charge revision until after the campaign period ends.

Customer joins in September 2015 and has no Asahi Net monthly charge for 6 months.
  • From September 2015 to February 2016 (6 months): No Asahi Net monthly charge.
  • From March 2016: Charged the revised monthly usage charge of 700 yen/month (excluding tax).

  • Contact Point For Inquiries

    Please contact us if you have a question about this announcement.
    English Customer Support (10am to 5pm, weekdays)
    Phone: 0120-577-135 (for calls from a fixed NTT telephone line in Japan)
                03-6631-0861 (for calls from a mobile phone, IP-Phone, etc.)

    * All charges shown above exclude tax.