15th July 2014: About our network operation investigation

Thank you for using Asahi Net.

In order to provide our customers with a reliable connection service, Internet Service Providers, including our company, are constantly checking the normal operations of their network system equipment.

This time we have expanded our checking target and have also decided to do a necessary investigation of the IP addresses that we provide our customers with. This will enable us to prevent Virus or Internet resource abuse and provide a further reliable connection service for our customers.

Furthermore, there is no adverse impact such as disconnection or slow speeds for our customers and this investigation content will be used for only the realization of reliable connection service. Please continue to use our services as you have been doing. Also, except statistically-treated data, your contact information will not be made available to a third party.

The following investigation will take place from 15th July 2014

>> About Open Resolver investigation (Only Japanese-language Web page)