24th January 2014: Asahi Mobile WiMAX - Revision to Set Discount Charge

Starting with our February 2014 monthly charge, Asahi Net will revise our Asahi Mobile WiMAX service Set Discount monthly charge and Additional Equipment service monthly charge. Please see below for details.

Date of charge implementation

To start from Asahi Net's February 2014 usage charge.

Affected users

Customers who use the Asahi Mobile WiMAX service in combination with another Asahi Net connection service and therefore are receiving a "Set Discount", or who use the Additional Equipment service.

Revision to Asahi Mobile WiMAX Set Discount monthly charge (excluding tax)

Before revision After revision
-190.5 yen -200.0 yen

Revision to WiMAX Additional Equipment service charge (excluding tax)

Before revision After revision
-190.5 yen -190.0 yen

Confirming additional services

You may confirm the status of additional services you are using by visiting this Account Maintenance Web page.


* Your Asahi Net User ID and its password are required.

Contacting Asahi Net in English about this announcement

Please contact us if you have a question about this announcement.

    English Customer Support (10am to 5pm, weekdays)
    Phone: 0570-01-3522 (for calls from a fixed telephone line)
                03-3569-3522 (for calls from PHS, cell phone or public phone)
    Email: eap-net@asahi-net.or.jp