22nd Aug. 2012: Revision to Basic Monthly Charge of IP-Phone Optional Services

Dear Customer,

Thank you for using our service.

Regrettably we are writing about a revision to the basic IP-Phone optional service charge that will affect users of Asahi Net's IP-Phone optional services.

Since launching our IP-Phone optional services in 2003 we have taken various measures to keep the cost of the service down and have provided our IP-Phone optional services for no basic monthly charge since 2004. However, due to an increase in administrative expenses related to these IP-Phone services and other reasons, it has become difficult to continue offering the services for no monthly charge. Therefore, we regret to announce that from October 2012 a basic monthly charge for our IP-Phone optional services will be charged, as stated below. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Despite this charge revision, we will continue to strive to provide our Internet connection services and IP-Phone services at the lowest prices in the Internet provider business in Japan.

Should you have a contract for an Asahi Net IP-Phone optional service but are not using the service and wish to cancel it, please contact Asahi Net using one of the methods listed below.

We look forward to continuing to be of service to you.

English Service Department
Asahi Net

Date of charge implementation

To start from Asahi Net's October 2012 usage charge.

Affected users

Users of these services will be affected: IP-Phone-C, IP-Phone-F.
* Users of the Hikari Denwa and IP-TV-Phone-F services will not be affected.

Revision to Basic Monthly Charge(including tax)

Before revision After revision
No charge 210 yen

Confirming a IP-Phone service contract

You may confirm the status of a Asahi Net IP-Phone contract by visiting the “IP-Phone Service” section of this Account Maintenance Web page.


* Your Asahi Net User ID and its password are required.

Cancelling a IP-Phone optional service

Please contact us as explained below.

Contacting Asahi Net in English about this announcement

Please contact us if you have a question about this announcement.

    English Customer Support (10am to 5pm, weekdays)
    Phone: 0570-01-3522 (for calls from a fixed telephone line)
                03-3569-3522 (for calls from PHS, cell phone or public phone)
    Email: eap-net@asahi-net.or.jp

Reference : comparison of service charges with other providers

Monthly charge for Internet connection and IP-Phone, including tax.

Asahi Net (revision included) @nifty BIGLOBE OCN So-net
945 yen 1,312 yen 1,827 yen 1,575 yen 2,048 yen
* The monthly charge shown includes the FLET'S ADSL Course charge + IP-Phone service charge.
* Other provider's charges are as at 1st August 2012 status; as investigated by Asahi Net.