Asahi Net Mobile Phone Site

About Asahi Net's mobile phone site

The Asahi Net mobile phone site is now giving timely support information about maintenance and network trouble, as well as allowing contact, inquiry and support desk communication.

Please open your smartphone or 3G device to our Asahi Net mobile phone site and bookmark it today.

The site is compatible with these services: i-mode, EZweb, and Softbank.

Access method (1) Input the URL directly

Please type the URL into the address bar of your device's browser.

Access method (2) Use the bar code entry function

Use the two-dimensional bar code function in your cellphone to scan the image below. The URL of Asahi Net's mobile phone site will be displayed.

*Your smartphone must have this function in order for this method to work. If you have problems with this method, please consult the manual for your device, or contact the store where you bought the device.