FLET'S Wireless LAN Configuration

Who This Page Is For

The connection set up on this page can be used by people who are using NTT'S FLET'S Wireless LAN service.

Before you make the settings

* It is necessary to make a contract with NTT East/West in order to use this service.
* If you are already an Asahi Net member, there are no application or usage procedures needed, other than cnfiguration.
* For more information about the service and NTT's charges, see the M FLETS and FLETS Spot page.

NTT's English Customer support telephone number.

NTT East 0120-364-463
NTT West 0120-064-337


User Name Asahi Net User ID@atson.net
E.g. ab3c-defg@atson.net
Password The password for the User ID
DNS (Name)
Server Addresses

Connecting with PPPoE or NTT's FLET'S Connection Tool

Using Windows XP/Vista/7 or Mac OSX (English or Japanese)?

PPPoE is built into the WindowsXP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OSX operating systems. Therefore you should not install NTT's Japanese-language FLET'S Connection Tool software or other PPPoE software. Please refer below to our English configuration guides.

Special Notes For English Speakers

A list of points that should be considered by English speakers and/or people using computers with English-only operating systems.

  • NTT only provides Japanese-language software for this service. However if you use WindowsXP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or MacOSX you don't need to install NTT's software. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section for more about NTT's software and ways in which the service can be used without it.
  • There is no English-language documentation provided by NTT for this service.
  • All communication from NTT regarding your application for this service will be in Japanese.