Windows 8: How to connect to a wireless network

Before making the configuration

  • The settings on this page show how to make a wireless LAN connection with a PC (client) using Windows 8.
  • The network name (SSID) used is ASAHI-NET_Wireless.
  • Should you be using the utility software provided with your wireless LAN device, please refer to that device's user guide for how to make the wireless LAN settings.

About the network name (SSID)

SSID is short for Service Set Identifier. An SSID is the name of a wireless local area network (WLAN) that you see displayed in the PC's available wireless Networks list, and they are used to help prevent interference between the different wireless networks.

Accessing the network

1. Click on the Network icon in the taskbar. The column on the right that appears will list all the Network SSIDs that are available.

Network Icon

* If your PC does not have a wireless function, or if there is a problem with its wireless function, please contact the place where you bought the PC, or its manufacturer for support.

Networks Wi-Fi list

2. Click on the Network SSID you want to connect to, eg ASAHI-NET_Wireless.


3. Check the Connect automatically box and click the Connect button.


4. Your PC attempts to connect to the wireless network.

Entering a security key

5. If your wireless network settings were set with encryption or a security key, a window appears asking to Enter the security key for the network. Enter your wireless network's security key, then click Next.


Sharing of PC network

6. Click whether you want to turn on sharing or not.

Security key

Connection completed

7. After your PC connects, the network icon changes to reflect the signal strength of the wireless connection.

Connecting to

8. You can now open a Web browser and see Web pages.


9. To disconnect, find and click on the network SSID in Networks, then click the button to Disconnect.

Can't connect?
Please go back to the top of this page and confirm the settings you made.