Windows 7: How to connect to a wireless network

Before making the configuration

  • The settings on this page are for connecting to a wireless network using WEP as the default security protocol.
  • The network name (SSID) will be assumed to be ASAHI-NET_Wi-Fi, and encryption will be used without stealth features.
  • Please use the guides supplied by the manufacturer of your computer to configure it for connection to a wireless network.

The steps to making an Internet connection

1. In the lower right hand side of the task bar click on the icon for available wireless networks (a) or the network icon (b). The window that appears will list all the networks that are available.

Network Icon

No icon for available wireless networks?

  • Does your computer have a wireless function?
  • Is the wireless LAN card and/or function turned on?
No available wireless networks?
  • Is the computer's wireless LAN turned on?
  • Is the computer out of range of any wireless signal?

If your computer does not have a wireless function, or if there is a problem with its wireless function, please contact the place where you bought the computer or its manufacturer for support.

2. Choose and click on the network you want to connect to, eg ASAHI-NET_Wi-Fi.


3. Click the Connect button.


4. Your computer attempts to connect to the wireless network.


5. Since the wireless network settings were set to WEP in this case, a window appears asking for a network security key. In the Security key box enter the wireless network's security key.

6. Click the OK button.

Security key

7. The connection attempt continues.

Connecting to

8. After your computer connects, the network that it is currently connected to will be listed (a), the icon changes to reflect the signal strength of the wireless connection (b), and the icon for available wireless networks will appear to show the computer is connected to a wireless network (c).


9. You should now be able to open a Web browser and see Web pages.

Can't connect?
Please go back to the top of this page and confirm the settings you made.