Windows XP PPPoE Configuration

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Windows XP PPPoE configuration for FLET'S ADSL, FLET'S ADSL Entry, B-FLET'S and FLET'S Hikari Next connections.

I. Before making the configuration, ensure that...

1. You are contracted with NTT to use their FLET'S service.

2. You are an Asahi Net member.
The fastest and easiest way to sign-up is to do it on-line: click here.

3. You are prepared for connection.
PPPoE connection software in the Windows XP operating system makes it possible for your computer to connect to NTT's FLET'S services. Do not install the Japanese PPPoE software that you received from NTT, and do not install any other PPPoE software: you do not need other PPPoE software and their presence could cause connection problems.

On the day of NTT opening their service, connect up all equipment provided as instructed by NTT.

II. Configuration.

Set up Your Connection

1. Open the Start menu. Go to Connect To and then open Show all connections.

Show all connections

If you can't find the Connect To or the Show all connections, but you can see a Settings option, your Start menu is in "Classic Mode". Click Settings and choose Control Panel. When the Control Panel opens, double-click the Network Connections icon.

Network Connections

2. Click the Create a new connection link.

Create a new connection

3. The New Connection Wizard window should appear.
If this is the first time you have created a network connection in XP, Windows will prompt you for information about your location, including country code, city code, etc. Enter this information and then click the OK button: you will be taken to the New Connection Wizard.

In the Welcome to the New Connection Wizard window, click Next.

Welcome to the New Connection Wizard

4. Select the Connect to the Internet option. Click Next.

Connect to the Internet

5. Select the Set up my connection manually option. Click Next.

Set up my connection manually

6. Select the Connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name and password option. (Note that it does mention PPPoE), Click Next.

Connect using a broadband connection

7. In the ISP Name box enter the name of this configuration e.g. ASAHI FLETS ADSL. This field is only a label so spelling is not important. Click Next.

ISP Name

8. Make sure the User name box contains your Asahi Net User ID followed by "".
* Enter your User name in lower case (small) characters
For example, if your Asahi Net User ID is ab3c-defg, your User name would be
You must enter your Asahi Net password into the Password and Confirm password boxes.
* Enter your Password in lower case (small) characters
There are three small boxes at the foot of the Internet Account Information window. Whether you use these options or not is down to your own preference.

Click Next.

Internet Account Information

9. If you need a shortcut for the connection on your desktop, check the Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop option. Click Finish. The Connect window will open, displaying the User name you have entered.

10. Click the Properties button.


11. Click the Networking tab.
Highlight the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) entry in the This connection uses the following items list.
Click Properties.

Use the following DNS server address

12. Click the Obtain DNS server address automatically option.

If designation of addresses is essential, please click the Obtain DNS server address automatically option, and enter:
Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:

Click OK.

Preferred DNS server

13. Click OK. Click OK again. You should be returned to the Connect window.

14. Click the Connect button. A connection should be established between your computer and the Internet.


15. Open your browser, and start viewing Web pages.

16. Having problems?

FLET'S ADSL Can't connect?
FLET'S ADSL Entry Can't connect?
BFLET'S Can't connect?
FTTH with FLET'S Can connect, but can't see Web pages