Mozilla Thunderbird 45.4.0 for Windows (New Settings)

  • The settings on this page show how to create new settings (add a new email account) on Mozilla Thunderbird 45.4.0 for Windows.
  • The items referred to with [ ] marks in this guide are items unique to each customer.
    In actual settings, please replace them with your own information.
  • The Asahi Net User ID used in this guide as an example is [ab4t-ash].

New Settings

Launching the Software

Launch Mozilla Thunderbird.

In the upper, right-hand area, click the icon.

Click on @ Options, then A Account Settings.

Under the Account Settings window, in the bottom, left-hand corner, click on @ Account Actions, then A Add Mail Account.

Mail Account Setup

Next, @ fill in the sections as shown in the chart below.


Your name [your name] e.g., Taro Asahi
Email address [your email address] e.g.,
Password Enter the Asahi Net password assigned to your Asahi Net User ID (Enter in lowercase (small) characters.)
Remember password Check this  

Once you have entered all the details, A click on Continue.

Thunderbird will try to automatically configure the settings.

After waiting for a moment, @ manually fill in the sections below as shown in the chart.


Incoming Server

(Protocol) POP3
Server hostname
Port 995
Authentication Encrypted password

Outgoing Server

(Protocol) SMTP
Server hostname (If using the Virus Check service.)
Port 465
Authentication Encrypted password


Username Enter your Asahi Net User ID
e.g.,: ab4t-ash

Once you have finished entering the details, please A click Done.

The settings are now completed.