Windows 8 PPPoE Configuration

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Windows 8 PPPoE setup for FLET'S connection services.

I. Before making the configuration, ensure that...

1. You are contracted with NTT to use their FLET'S connection service.

2. You are an Asahi Net member.
The fastest and easiest way to sign-up is to do it on-line: click here.

3. You are prepared for connection.
PPPoE connection software in the Windows 8 operating system makes it possible for your computer to connect to NTT's FLET'S connection services. Do not install the Japanese PPPoE software that you received from NTT, and do not install any other PPPoE software: you do not need other PPPoE software and their presence could cause connection problems.

On the day of NTT opening their service, connect up all equipment provided as instructed by NTT.

II. Configuration

Set up the connection

1. Point to the upper-right corner of the Windows desktop to get the Windows 8 toolbar, also known as "Charm Bar".

Charm Bar

2. Select Settings.


3. Select Control Panel.

Control Panel

4. Select Network and Internet.

Network and Internet

5. Select Network and Sharing Center.

Network and Sharing Center

6. Select Set up a new connection or network.

Set up a new connection or network

7. Select Connect to the Internet.

Connect to the Internet

8. Select the Broadband (PPPoE) option.

Broadband (PPPoE)

9. The Type the information from your Internet service provider (ISP) window will open.

User name
Make sure the User name box contains your Asahi Net User ID followed by "".
* Enter your User name in lower case (small) characters
For example, if your Asahi Net User ID is ab3c-defg, your User name would be ab3c-

You must enter your Asahi Net password into the Password box.
* Enter your Password in lower case (small) characters

Show characters
If you want to confirm the password you have entered, check the Show characters checkbox.

Remember this password
If you want to not have to enter your password every time you launch a connection to the Internet, check the Remember this password checkbox.

Connection name
Enter Asahi Net in the Connection name box.

Type the information from your Internet service provider

10. Click the Connect button. A connection should be established between your computer and the Internet and a message should appear telling you that the Internet is ready to use.

11. Click the Close button. Open your Web browser and start viewing Web pages.

12. Having problems?

FLET'S ADSL Can't connect?
FLET'S ADSL Entry Can't connect?
BFLET'S Can't connect?
FTTH with FLET'S Can connect, but can't see Web pages

Ending the connection

1. Should you need to end (disconnect) the PPPoE connection, select the Connections icon in the taskbar.

Connections icon

Connections icon

2. Find the Asahi Net PPPoE connection listed in the list of network connections and click its Disconnect button.