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Windows CE Dial-Up Connection

These instructions explain how to set up your Windows CE computer for connection to an Asahi Net dial-up access point in Japan. Although your device may come with a stylus which allows you to tap icons and buttons on the screen, the word "click" will be used below to cover for both these screen taps and clicks made with a connected mouse.

Making a new Dial-Up connection

1. From the Start menu, select Programs. Double click the Communications icon. Double click the Remote Networking icon.

2. Double click the Make New Connection icon.

Windows CE Dial-Up Connection-1

3. In the Type a name for the connection box, enter the name of the Asahi Net access point you want to connect to, e.g. All-Japan Access Point. You may name your connection anything you like, but we recommend you make it the name of the access point you want to connect to, e.g. All-Japan Access Point.

Windows CE Dial-Up Connection-2

4. Click the button for Dial-Up Connection. Click Next.

Windows CE Dial-Up Connection-3

5. At the Select a modem prompt, ensure that the modem you are using is listed. If you are unsure, please refer to the documentation supplied with your device. In the Area code and Telephone number enter the area code and telephone number of the Asahi Net access point you want your computer to connect to. Ensure you include the area code correctly, even if you are in the same area code as the number you are dialing, and make sure you enter the Country Code correctly; it should be 81 for Japan.

6. Click Configure. Make sure the settings displayed are as below. Click OK.

Windows CE Dial-Up Connection-4

7. Click TCP/IP Settings. Make sure the Server-assigned IP address and Use IP header compression boxes are checked, and that Asahi Net's DNS addresses are entered as follows:

Primary DNS :
Secondary DNS :

Click OK.

Windows CE Dial-Up Connection-5

8. You will now be back in the Make New Dial-Up Connection window. Click Finish.

Connecting to the Asahi Net access point

1. You will now see that an icon has been created for the Dial-Up connection that you have just created. Double-click on the icon.
Make sure the User Name box contains your Asahi Net User ID followed by "@atson.net".
For example: ab3c-defg@atson.net.
You must enter your Asahi Net password into the Password box. There should be no entry in the Domain box. Click the Connect button.

Windows CE Dial-Up Connection-6

2. Your computer should now dial-up to the Asahi Net access point you have chosen, and make a connection.