Outgoing Mail Settings for Email Virus Check

Changing the settings

Email Virus Check uses a dedicated outgoing mail server for sending email.
To use the service, you need to change the outgoing mail server settings of your mailer.
As shown below, please change from the regular mail.xxxx to the dedicated mails.xxxx.

Please be aware that without changing the settings, Email Virus Check will not be performed when email is being sent.

  • *There is no need to change the settings for receiving email. Email Virusi Check is performed with the existing setting.

Settings for Email Virus Check

Regular outgoing mail settings

Outgoing mail server (SMTP) mail.asahi-net.or.jp
SMTP authentication Optional

Outgoing mail settings after the change

Outgoing mail server (SMTP) mails.asahi-net.or.jp
SMTP authentication Set (required)

Incoming mail settings

There is no need to change the settings.

How to set up mailers

How to set up depends on the mailer.
See the following page for more details.


  • After canceling (deactivating) the Email Virus Check, return to the original settings.
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