Mac OSX (10.5) PPPoE Configuration

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Mac OSX(10.5) PPPoE configuration for FLET'S ADSL, FLET'S ADSL Entry, B-FLET'S and FLET'S Hikari Next connections.

I. Before making the configuration, ensure that...

1. You are contracted with NTT to use their FLET'S service.

2. You are an Asahi Net member.

The fastest and easiest way to sign-up is to do it on-line: click here.

3. You are prepared for connection.
PPPoE connection software in the Mac OSX(10.5) operating system makes it possible for your computer to connect to NTT's B-FLET'S and FLET'S ADSL services. Do not install the Japanese PPPoE software that you received from NTT, and do not install any other PPPoE software: you do not need other PPPoE software and its presence could cause connection problems.

On the day of NTT opening their service, connect up all equipment provided as instructed by NTT.

II. Configuration.

1. Go to the Apple menu (top left of screen), then choose System Preferences.

2. Find and double-click on the Network icon in the Internet & Network section.

3. In the left-hand panel you will see listed Ethernet, Bluetooth, etc.
Click the "+" sign under that panel.
From the Interface field choose PPPoE.
In the Service Name field enter Asahi Net.
Click the Create button.
A connection called Asahi Net will be added to the left-hand panel.

4. In the Asahi Net configuration, enter:

PPPoE Service Asahi Net
Account Name Asahi Net
* Enter your User name in lower case (small) characters
Password The password for your Asahi Net User ID
* Enter your Password in lower case (small) characters

5. Click the Apply button.

6. Click the Connect button

A connection should now be established between your computer and the Internet.
Open your browser, and start viewing Web pages.

7. Having problems?

FLET'S ADSL Can't connect?
FLET'S ADSL Entry Can't connect?
BFLET'S Can't connect?
FTTH with FLET'S Can connect, but can't see Web pages