Mac OS X 10.11.5 Connection Configuration Guide (PPPoE)

Before Making Settings

Mac OS X 10.11.5’s native PPPoE software can be used to make the connection settings for NTT’s FLET’S fiber-optic lines. (Please do not install any Japanese software you have received from NTT or other PPPoE software.

To connect to the fiber-optic line, you must have already had the installation of the fiber-optic line completed or a contract for a matching connection course (for those changing connection courses, etc).

Creating New Settings ・ Changing Settings

Network Settings

From the Apple menu, select System Preferences...

System Preferences

While in System Preferences, click on the Network icon.


From the Network menu, click the + (plus) sign under the panel on the left-hand side.


In the pop-up window, please select and enter as shown in the chart below.

Interface Select PPPoE
Ethernet Ethernet (e.g., USB Ethernet, Thunderbolt Adapter, etc)
Service Name Asahi Net

Once you have selected the settings and entered the details shown above, please click Create. A connection called Asahi Net will be added to the left-hand panel.


Please @ fill out the sections below as shown in the chart.


PPPoE Service Name Arbitrary (e.g., Asahi Net)
Account Name

Enter your Asahi Net connection user ID:
Asahi Net User (e.g.,

※If using the Fixed IP Address optionEnter:
f.Asahi Net User

Password Enter the Asahi Net password assigned to your Asahi Net User ID (Enter in lowercase (small) characters.)
Remember this password Arbitrary


Show PPPoE status in menu bar Check this

Once you have entered the details, B click on Advanced...


Confirm that you have selected the TCP/IP tab.

Configure IPv4 Using PPP

After confirming the setting above, click on DNS.


Under the DNS tab, please see the DNS Servers: panel.

DNS Server Make sure this section is empty.

After confirming the setting above, click on PPP.


Under the PPP tab, please @ make the settings below as shown in the chart.


Connect automatically when needed Check this (recommended)
Prompt every " " minutes to maintain connection Arbitrary
Disconnect when user logs out Check this (recommended)
Disconnect when switching user accounts Check this (recommended)
Send PPP echo packets Check this (recommended)

After confirming the settings above, please A click OK.


The settings are now complete.

Please @ click Apply to apply the settings made, and then A click Connect to connect to the Internet.

You should be now connected to the Internet.
Please open a browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc) to confirm if your Internet connection has been established.

If you can’t connect, or can connect, but can’t see Web pages, please see the foot of this configuration guide.

How to disconnect

If you need to disconnect from the Internet, in the Network window, select Asahi Net, then please click Disconnect.

Alternatively, in the menu bar (upper, right-hand corner of the monitor), click on the <…> icon (PPPoE status), then select Disconnect.

Having problems?

FLET'S ADSL Can't connect?
FLET'S ADSL Entry Can't connect?
BFLET'S Can't connect?
FTTH with FLET'S Can connect, but can't see Web pages