Mac OS v10.15 Connection Configuration Guide (PPPoE) Network Settings

Before Making Settings

Mac OS v10.15’s native PPPoE software can be used to make the connection settings for NTT’s FLET’S fiber-optic lines. (Please do not install any Japanese software you have received from NTT or other PPPoE software.
To connect to the fiber-optic line, you must have already had the installation of the fiber-optic line completed or a contract for a matching connection course (for those changing connection courses, etc.)

Creating New Settings/Changing Settings

Network Settings

Select System Preferences from Apple menu. (Or click System Preferences in Dock.)

Apple menu > System Preferences...

Dock > System Preferences icon

System Preferences

Click Network in System Preferences.

System Preferences > Network icon


In Network, click the + (plus) sign at the bottom of the modem list.

Network > + (plus) sign


When a pop-up appears, select and enter the values in the table below.

Network > pop-up window

Interface PPPoE
Ethernet Ethernet
(E.g. Thunderbolt Ethernet, etc.)
Service Name AsahiNet

After selecting and entering the details shown above, click Create. A connection called AsahiNet will be added to the modem list on the left-hand side of the window.


Enter the details/make the settings for ① and ② by referring to the table below.

Network > Service Name: AsahiNet

PPPoE Service Name Any name (E.g., Asahi Net)
Account Name

Enter your Asahi Net connection user ID:
Asahi Net User

  • If you are using the Fixed IP Address option, enter:
    f.Asahi Net User
Password Asahi Net password corresponding to the ID (use lowercase characters)
Remember this password Put a check mark
Show PPPoE status in menu bar Put a check mark

Click ③ Advanced... after entering/setting the details.


Click TCP/IP to check settings.

Network > Service Name: AsahiNet > TCP/IP tab

Configure IPv4 Using PPP
Configure IPv6 Automatically

After checking the settings, click DNS.


In DNS, check the field of DNS Servers.

Network > Service Name: AsahiNet > DNS tab

DNS Server Leave the field blank.

After checking the settings, click PPP.


In PPP, refer to the table below to complete the ① settings.

Network > Service Name: AsahiNet > PPP tab

Connect automatically when needed Put a check mark (recommended)
Prompt every " " minutes to maintain connection At your preference
Disconnect when user logs out Put a check mark (recommended)
Disconnect when switching user accounts Put a check mark (recommended)
Send PPP echo packets Put a check mark (recommended)

After checking the settings, click ② OK.


Click ① Apply to apply the settings made, and then click ② Connect to connect to the internet.

Network > Service Name: AsahiNet

Network > Service Name: AsahiNet

When connection is established, the Status becomes Connected as shown above.
You can browse the web and send/receive emails in this state.
Click Disconnect to end connection.