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ADSL Modem SVIII configuration.

I. Before making the configuration, ensure that...

1. You have entered into a FLET'S ADSL contract with NTT and have received their SVIII ADSL modem.

2. You are prepared for connection. On the day NTT open their service, connect up all equipment provided as instructed by NTT.

ADSL modem with internal router

(*1) For a Type 2 line, a splitter will not be used.

II. Configuration.

Step 1: Access the ADSL modem

1. Open a Web browser (Internet Explorer, for example). You must not connect to the Internet: you are going to use the Web browser as the means to access the configuration page of the ADSL Modem SVIII.

2. Enter in the Address box of the Web browser, then press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Entry URL

3. At this point, a login window will appear. Enter user in lower case characters in both the Yuuzaamei (User Name) and Pasuwaado (Password) boxes, then click the OK button.

User name

Network password entry screen

Step 2: Open the basic setup page

4. The Kihon Settei (basic settings) screen will appear.

5. See below for how to enter your information into this screen.

Furetsu ADSL
Choose NTT West (see screenshot below).
Setsuzoku Uzamei
(Connection User Name)
Asahi Net
* Enter your User name in lower case (small) characters.
Setsuzoku Pasuwaado
(Connection password)
The password for your Asahi Net User ID
* Enter your Password in lower case (small) characters.
Setsuzoku Pasuwaado No Kakunin Nyuryoku:
(Connection password confirmation)
Re-enter your Asahi Net password.

Settings e through i are for if you are going to be connecting your telephone to the ADSL modem. If you are not going to do so, leave the settings as they are.

Shiyou Suru Denwaki
(The telephone set)
If using a telephone with number display functionality, choose nannbaa deisupurei kinou ari (has number display).
If using a telephone without number display functionality, choose nannbaa deisupurei kinou nashi (no number display).
Hasshinsha Bango Tsuchi
(Caller ID notification)
Choose this if you have the service.
Kyachu Hon Keiyaku
(Call-Waiting contract)
If you are not using a catch phone service, leave it as Nashi (none).
If you are using a catch phone service, choose Ari (have).
Warikomi Oto
(Tone on incoming call)
Choose to hear a tone if there is an incoming call.
Denwa Kaisen Daiyaru Shubetsu
(Type of telephone line)
Select according to the telephone line classification at your location.

6. Click the Settei (setting) button, (j).

Kihon settei screen

Step 3: Restart

7. The Japanese explanation that appears in red at the top of the basic settings page will ask you to visit the restart page. Click the Saikidou Gamen he (go to the restart screen) link.

go to the restart screen

8. You are asked to restart the ADSL modem.

Click the Saikidou (restart) button. The ADSL modem will restart automatically.

Prompted to restart ADSL modem

9. After the ADSL Modem has restarted, the following window will appear.

Wait for the ADSL modem's PPP lamp to come on, then click the Saihyouji (re-display) button.

Prompted for redisplay

10. The following lamps on the ADSL modem should be fully lit: Power, ADSL, PPP and LAN.

ADSL modem lamp status

11. Your computer should now be connected to the Internet. Open a Web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and make sure that you can view Web pages, and use other Internet services such as email.

12. If you want to use one of Asahi Net's IP-Phone services, you are now ready to Configure the VoIP Equipment (the ADSL modem SVIII) so that you can make VoIP calls.

13. Having problems?

FLET'S ADSL Can't connect?